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Double Dodge - Guild Ball Podcast

Double Dodge Episode 49... 50 - Gather round the biscuit

It's the end of the road, still we can't let go..... welcome back for possibly the final time. Double Dodge never miss a chance to talk about Guild Ball events. With the announcement of SFG no longer supporting the game, we felt it timely to dust off the mics and chat about what happened, how we feel and where we will end up. Supported by Beard himself and a cameo from Andrew Jones its a fun chat as always. Strap into the wang machine.

We would like to thank all the Patreon subscribers, we have asked them all to end their subscriptions. Double Dodge did not want to take money for nothing and had been refunding the subscriptions monthly. We thank you for your support to help pay for web hosting, and the incidental costs of podcasting.

Thanks to everyone who has listened, chatted, and played games with us, please share this far and wide.... and message us with your favourite episode!

Cam & Dave



Cam is @stubbyholders